Del Shay Farms one of the best hemp transport and logistics companies to handle transporting sensitive goods we have decided to offer this as a service to our wholesale clients and anyone else who could benefit from one of the best industrial hemp trucking companies in the United States.


We can offer:

  • Direct address to address – No stopping

  • 24-48 hour delivery

  • GPS equipped trucks

  • Safe and secure locked cargo

  • Up to 3000 lbs per load


We are equipped with a 10 – OTR truck fleet and a 24-48 hour direct address to address delivery policy. As a hemp wholesale and farming company, we understand the stressful and sensitive issues surrounding industrial hemp and CBD transport.  Let our partner take the stress out of shipping your goods with the below features:

  • Up to 3000 lbs per freight load

  • Each truck is insured and can transport up to 3000 lbs of industrial hemp biomass or other sensitive cargo per load and GPS tracked and equipped

  • Secured Cargo

  • Direct address to address – No stops along the route

Cargo delivered directly from address to address with no stops in between. --Coming Soon--

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