Toll Bio-Mass Drying 

Toll Bio-Mass Drying 

One of the many benefits at Del Shay Farms in the ability to dry and package your crop, Post-Harvest Handling includes the following methods: (a) Air-dried (b) Heat-dried (c) Ensiling

Each type of drying method has its pros & cons, however, it is important to remember that Quick Drying prevents mold from forming and the loss of your biomass. For many farmers beginning the new 2019 growing season, drying has become the number one issue in the growing process. If the biomass is not dried, the farmer will not have product to sell to a wholesale purchaser or processor.


Toll Processing Splits

Another popular way for farmers to have their hemp biomass extracted is through toll processing split services where an extraction facility processes the hemp in exchange for a 50% share of the extracted product.

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